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At Ken Savare Plumbing & Heating, LLC we are here to help.  From a simple dripping faucet to  water cascading through your dining room ceiling, we will figure out the problem and fix it for you.  Correctly.  The first time!

With over 26 years of experience, Ken has seen it all.  He works on houses built in 1817 to 2017 and everything in between.  In addition to small and large repairs, Ken is an expert in bathroom renovations.  His team of tile experts and carpenters work together to make your bathroom renovation project a happy experience.  Have your own tile or carpenter?  Not a problem, Ken will work with you as your plumber.

At Ken Savare Plumbing & Heating, LLC  you get Ken, a licensed and experienced Master Plumber to do your plumbing.  Have the confidence knowing who is solving all your plumbing problems!

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